SG50 Products in Singapore – 2 of 5


Singapore is a foodie nation, and it is no wonder that even during SG50, there are food that shouts SG50 too! Here are some food and other products by Singapore that were launched to celebrate SG50.




PastaMania came up with a few fusion pasta dishes such as Chilli crab pasta, Salted egg soft-shelled crab pasta, ‘Hei bi hiam’ Barramundi pasta and Sambal Prawn pasta. In addition to these, there were appetizers and deserts with a local twist available on the menu as well!


Ichiban Sushi and Ichiban Boshi came up with a couple of creations specially to mark the occasion. Items include chilli crab jubilee roll, ebi merlion sushi as well as Singapura nigiri.


Craving for some coffee or tea but not wanting to drink a cup? How about having them in the form of cookies by TCC then?


Made of raspberry, cake, and lots of cream, Starbucks joined in the SG50 celebrations with the specially crafted drink to celebrate the occasion.


The item that set the internet talking, this fishcake with 50 in the middle by Ballgas certainly got everyone in the mood for SG50 celebrations.

Xiao Long Baos


Decked in Red and White like the Singapore flag, the fillings of these dumplings by Crystal Jade are Chilli Crab and Hainanese Chicken Rice respectively – two dishes that the nation is well-known for.

High Tea


If there’s one fruit that Singaporeans is truly in love with, it would definitely have to be the durian, thus, combining that love for the fruit, Axis Bar and Lounge came up with a range of sweet treats such as durian tea cakes, creme brulee, scones as well as gula melaka souffle roll in honour of the golden jubilee.


With the Mooncake Festival around the corner now, what better way to remember SG50 then to celebrate it during the festival as well? Made of a specially mixed Singapore Sangria, this mooncake is available for sale at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 1.47.34 pm


Featuring winning designs that were picked through quite a number of entries, each tin of sardines by Ayam Brand depicted a scene of Singapore – from NS Men to racial harmony.


Well-known for their sweet croissants, St. Marc Cafe joined the foray too by producing a savoury croissant to mark SG50 – Chilli Crab Croissant!