SMU’s Indancity presents Beyond

Beyond explored Singapore’s past and present through an inspiring performance

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by Yasmeen Banu

Singapore Management University (SMU),  presents a production by Indancity, a comtemporary dance group, titled Beyond on 6 September.

There were seven separate performances: Yore. Voyage, Not all is Black and White, Falling Apart, Unsung, Behind the Wall, Liberation, and Her Rite.

All these dances explored different themes, and used different techniques. But they all had one thing in common: They sent a message.

The programme started with Yore. Voyage, which shows despair and how our forefathers were forced to leave their native place in search for new life.

Yore. Voyage was followed by Not all is Black and White which explored how nothing is truly black or white. The unique concept for this dance was shown towards the end of the performance. The dance rewind to the beginning of the performance, making it breathtakingly clear: Whilst the reality of life is like rolling out a carpet that never ends, not everything displayed is just black and white. One can overwhelm the other as easily as a flip of a disc.

Falling Apart showcases the inevitable that all of us has to face- aging. Unsung showed the audience strength and confidence, exposing the the raw beauty of womanhood.

It is a passionate dance with an unforgettable scene that bared the true essence of a woman in three stages: A girl, a young lady with insecurities, and ultimately a woman with posture so strong, she looked regal like a queen.

Behind the Wall displayed an interesting performance with an all-male cast in a workplace while Liberation and Her Rite was equally raw, blunt and thought-provoking touching on topics that is both sensitive and intense.

The entire performance was absolutely enjoyable. With very minimal props used, the dancers successfully communicating through lucid movements and twirls across the stage. It was truly a magnetic event that will leave you awe-inspired.