Some things to note when travelling: Beware!


by Chua Wei Ling

Travelling should be an enjoyable experience, otherwise, why would people travel, right? However, at times, travelling can be a nightmare, and these are some scenarios which you might want to take note of.

Bad Behaviours on Planes

Be it budget airlines or otherwise, there’s bound to be a person who annoys us no less, even way more than the noise of the engine of the plane itself. From dirty feet to kicking of chairs, some passengers just can’t seem to settle themselves down, or at time, get too comfortable at the comfort of others.


There are some countries that are notorious for their traffic – places such as Jakarta and Bangkok which are constantly plagued with jams. While getting stuck in one is a pain in the rear, it would actually make sense that most people do not see how it can be a threat – except it really does make you a sitting duck not only for extortion from the meter, but also an easy target for snatch-thieves if you are in something open-air, as they can probably get away much faster on foot than you can react.

GPS Systems

In this time of age, GPS is a godsend for those of you who can’t read a map and want to get around overseas in a car driven by yourselves, nonetheless. With directions spoken and pointing you to your destination, it should be easy peasy going where you want to go. However, many do not take into consideration that you may end up blindly following something that isn’t pointing you in the direction, or worse – using an old map, as in the case of a family of four who drove off a demolished bridge and plunging into the river instead.


More often than none, we will buy some form of souvenirs back, such as clothes or electronics. While it may all seem to be decent and without a problem when we do our checks there, you’ll be amazed by how quick the sellers would be to replace them. Some people have bought clothes that were glued on using gluesticks (yes, you heard me right!), and others, well….non-functional items really.

Imitation at it’s best.