Spectacular Cavalia

by Terence Lim

Cavalia reaches our sunny shores for the very first time! Its producer, Normand Latourelle, is the co-director of the largest theatrical group in the world, Cirque Du Soleil. Acclaimed for its fantastic portrayal of the relationship between humans and horses, Cavalia brings together the very best of equestrian and performing arts. The performance certainly deserves its fame, with stunning visuals and heart pounding acrobatic feats.

The stage was framed by a curtain with beautiful detail that was brought out with the amazing use of lights. Scenes, like deserts and beautiful mountains, were project on the set, there were moments it felt as though I was watching a scene from Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings!

The equestrian and acrobatic performances were mesmerizing, and the animals on stage were all beautiful, elegant and majestic. The way the horses worked so well with the human performers was heartwarming to watch.

liberty_-_julien_and_junior_0After the intermission, things started to heat up. The stunts performed with the horses made my heart pound, with performers riding up to six horses at once, and even spinning jumps while riding a horse and riding side ways on it. Gradually, building up the excitement, the acrobatics got more intense as well, with the dancers flying up into the air and around the stage on trapezes.

Apart from the impressive visuals, did I mention that Cavalia’s music is played live ? Yes, as the show is going on, there is a band in the background that’s creating an amazing soundtrack. It’s definitely heart stopping and a grand spectacle that must not be missed !