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UNIVERSITY:  Sciences Po
CAMPUS:  France

WHY: Traditionally known for training some of France’s most influential politicians, lessons learned at this university, in topics such as Sociology, Law and Political Science, transcend country borders and allow you to pursue a truly meaningful international career. They also partner with the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy for dual-masters degrees.


UNIVERSITY:  University of San Francisco

WHY: With an emphasis on human rights and social justice, this Jesuit university readies students for success in the courtroom. The Center for Law and Global Justice provides international externships, in addition to a plethora of worldwide opportunities.



UNIVERSITY:  University of Basel
CAMPUS:  Switzerland

WHY: Founded in 1460, Basel is one of the leading universities in Switzerland. It’s a Centre for Philanthropy Studies provides courses on everything you need to know about running your own non-profit organisation or foundation.



UNIVERSITY:  James Cook University
CAMPUS:  Australia

WHY: Ranked within the top 5% of all universities, JCU prides itself on using its resources, including its location in tropical northern Queensland with its easy access to world class mineral fields in the region, the Great Barrier Reef and more. Courses offer theoretical, plus practical experience focusing on the environment and future challenges.

UNIVERSITY:  Waseda University
CAMPUS:  Japan

WHY: Waseda strives to create new technology with the aim to reuse our depleting resources and to protect the world around us. Course offerings are broad-ranging, from the prediction and prevention of natural disasters, to the protection of our resources, to finding environmentally-friendly solutions to some of Earth’s most pressing matters.

UNIVERSITY:  Blekinge Institute of Technology
CAMPUS:  Sweden

WHY: Want to own your own environmentally-friendly company someday? Then check out this school’s Masters of Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability. Focus is placed on planning, decision-making and leadership centered on sustainability and energising change.



Campus Articles || Education || Studying To Be A Hero