Taboos of the Hungry Ghost Festival (Part 2)


Now that the Hungry Ghost Festival has been going on for a week, we hope that you readers have stayed safe thus far. For part 2 of the taboos, we would be focusing on other stuff you ought to take note of for the Hungry Ghost Festival.

1. Be very careful when driving or crossing the roads during this month to avoid accidents.
If you have read our previous article about dangerous roads, you would know that there are certain stretches in Singapore that are really accident prone. In fact, one of those roads recently had another fatal accident (and that wasn’t reported. We know, because we saw a sign recently erected there looking for eye-witnesses to that accident). In addition to that, there are also reports that state that during the 7th month, there are significantly more accidents, so depending on whether you would like to be safe or sorry: do take heed!

uh….hi there?

2. Avoid taking photographs in the evenings or at night
Selfie lovers, I’m afraid you might want to stick to just taking photos in the day, unless you would like extra company with you in your selfies that is. Jokes aside, having the extra company caught on film may bring along bad luck or trouble in future, so do refrain from doing so!

A combination of both probably isn't a good idea either...
A combination of both probably isn’t a good idea either…

3. Wearing black or red is inauspicious
For most of us, I assume we have more black-themed clothes than red, but nonetheless, these are considered to be inauspicious during the seventh month. Similar to how people wear sombre colours during funerals, the wearing of black during the hungry ghost festival month seem to signify bad luck, thus, it’s best to avoid wearing them. We aren’t too show if bright prints on black tees will help – after all, the tees aren’t fully black…right?

use this instead!
use this instead!

4. Avoid spitting and blowing your nose in the street or at any tree/plant.
We aren’t quite sure what’s the reason behind this, but we have a sneaking suspicion that it may not just be about the netherworld beings being annoyed by it, but rather a certain group of people who may catch you for hygiene reasons!

dry them in the morning like others!
dry them in the morning like others!

5. Drying your wet clothes at night is not a great idea.
Actually, the thought of it makes it common-sensical – with no sun, how do you expect your clothes to dry?! Yet with many of us studying or working in the day, the only time we can get to washing our dirty laundry (pun not intended), is during the night and drying them then. However, if you do so, spirits may actually try on your wet clothes and if you wear them when they are tried, misfortunes will bound to follow you. Then again, I don’t think you would want to wear something that someone else has been doing so prior to you wearing it….(ewwwww)