TEDxYouth Day Take-aways

If you couldn’t make it to the event, our reporter Rahimah recaps the highlights for you here

By Rahimah Rashith

TEDx Youth Singapore, held this past weekend by student organisers from Singapore Polytechnic, was all about “idea + action”.  From the event, I felt inspired about 5 particular ideas that were discussed and perhaps they’ll spark a flame in you as well.

When someone tells you to drop your passion and take on REAL tasks/jobs, whose version of real are they referring to?

This was an inspirational eye-opener. Its okay to purpose your dreams no whatever what they are. It doesn’t matter what you like or what you are like. The world is beautifully diverse and dynamic, and so is each and every one of the 7 billion people on earth. And where you are useless at one place, you are appreciated at the next. So don’t squeeze into the mold set by others. Know that you already are a perfect fit.

There are 2 types of speakers: those who are nervous, and those who are lying.

This one couldn’t be truer. Even veteran stage-goers like Lady Gaga have experienced stage fright. The fear of public speaking is always something you experience only when it is too late and you are already halfway through center stage. The key idea is to realise your position of influence and prepare for the worst. And while you may be taking 5 minutes of one person’s time, you are in fact taking 50 minutes from 10 people. That is 50 minutes worth of time that they could be doing productive work. Now that can either make you more fearful or empowered. Choose Wisely.

Flash Mobs

To anyone who thinks Flash Mobs don’t exist in Singapore, you are sadly mistaken. Take a happy dose of MSG and change your perception! MSG, also known, as Mission Singapore represents a group of spontaneous youth who dedicate their craft strictly for fun. Syamil Dsuki, founder of MSG started when he first come across the YouTube, flash mob celebrities “Improv Everywhere”. Now they themselves are celebrities on YouTube.

Student Organisers

Who else better to organise the TEDx Youth, than youths themselves? The main student organisers from Singapore Polytechnic spent almost a year in preparation of this event. They filled the conference with food, fun and fabulous speakers, and left no room for failure.

Creativity is a process

Genius comes after many strokes, and not simply from one stroke of brilliance.  It takes hard work and effort to conjure the magic. Because after all, creativity is a numbers game. You’ve got to keep trying.