Terror Thursday: The case of the remote place


For today’s Terror Thursday, we will be featuring a first-hand account of something that happened to us.

All in the name of work.

Part and parcel of what we do here at Campus, is to source out some of scary stuff to highlight to you, our readers. In one such instance, during one of our restaurant recce trips, we found ‘something’.

Located in a very remote part of Singapore (somewhere in the east), it would seem to be the last place eatery should be located, but we went there based on a recommendation from someone we know.

The Witching Hour
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, at least for the first few hours we were there for dinner. However, at 9pm, we noticed that things began to get spooky.

As soon as the other customers left, the lights across the street – outside the restaurant – began to flicker. Then, in a remote corner of the restaurant, the two swing chairs began to turn in unison – very slowly – making a 270º turn to face us. What made it odder was that not a single sound was made by the chairs, despite them being hung on heavily rusted chains; and worse still, there was no wind at all or anything logical that could suggest the cause of these chairs moving.

And that was not the end of things, but rather, the beginning.

The Return
Beating a hasty retreat, we were unable to escape fast enough because we were in a very remote place. The only ways we could get back to the main road was either to brave the total darkness and walk for 15mins, or to call for a cab. We chose the latter, thinking it would be the fastest escape. While we were counting our lucky stars for being able to get a cab, we weren’t so sure when the cab arrived.

As the cab turned around the corner, for some very strange reason, it started to accelerate really fast as it approached us, before screeching to a halt. Getting in was no problem, although the driver did not utter a single word or sound throughout the entire ride.

The ride itself was quite strange – the driver sped and slowed, sped and slowed, as if trying to shake us out of the car, weaving in and out of traffic at the same time. During the times that he sped, the dashboard beeped loudly, and we noticed these words:  “Warning: Driver losing consciousness”.

Thankfully for us, the journey to the nearest MRT station wasn’t too long, and soon we reached our destination. When we paid our fare, the driver did not even turn around to collect it from us. We were already pretty spooked by then, so we paid without really looking at how much we passed him.

We have no idea what happened to the couple who got into the taxi after we did, but one thing was for sure: we fled without looking back nor did we even check how much change we received!