The 5 Most Disgusting Things Found in Food



Some of us have been unfortunate enough to find a hair in our food, but there are much, much worse things that somehow get into the food we eat. Here are our top five from around the world, with Singapore alone having two entries. 

UPDATE: Speaking of rats, one allegedly fell on a diner from a ceiling of a food court at Punggol Waterway just the other day.

1. Spider-Cookie


Credit to respective owner.

A Singaporean woman bought this cookie in a supermarket, only to find it had something living in it. Not even Spiderman would eat this one.

2. Baked Mouse Bread

mouse-baked-in-bread (2)

Credit to respective owner.

A man in Bath was making a sandwich for his kids when he found an unwelcome additive in his loaf. At least it was cooked. 

3. Maggot Chocolate


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This guy bought himself a box of chocolates and was about to tuck in when he saw this. You really never know what you may get.

4. Frog in Frozen Veg


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A man opened a packet of frozen veg to find an unexpected amphibian. The frog was scared stiff.

5. Stewed Rat and Vegetables


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A woman queuing at the buffet table in Marina Square saw this little fellow in the salted vegetables. Protein with your vegetables is good, but this is a bit much.