The Blue Man Group – Happening now till 24 April!

If you love to dress in lime green or pink, here’s your chance to shine…or rather, glow when you attend this theatrical production. Step in, and you’ll see what we mean, for everything’s washed in a blue UV hue which highlights these colours. Why blue? This is after all the Blue Man Show…

What is the Blue Man Show?
Like the name suggest, the Blue Man Show essentially a performance of not one, but 3 blue men. Combining comedy with music and even rock, the show involves no dialogue 90% of the time and is a feast for your senses. Watch out though – the show uses some strong strobe lights, which may give you headaches if you stare for it too long!

Still, that’s for later in the show, but there’s more to the pre-show.

Once seated, watch out for the scrolling signs on the sides of the stage, which includes instructions for you to “not take any selfies”, “or post about the meal you just had”, and even “plerking, farbing, tweelunking, cob wobbling and knob frolicking” . Basically? “Please don’t be electronically annoying.” These signs are important because before the show begins, it gets the audience warmed up with jokes that are shown on it and some interaction.

Music, paints, and audience interaction
Before the show starts, the audiences in the first few rows were given ponchos to put on, simply because of the water elements that the show involves. If you think the performance is simply 3 guys creating music, you’d be wrong. Aided by a 4-man live band on electric guitar, synthesizer and drums, visual imagery and lights adds to the experience.

To make matters much more interesting, the audience gets in on the action, both unknowingly and knowingly. For some unsuspecting late comers strolling in mid-way through the show, a spotlight throws them into the limelight, as everyone turns to stare at them as they take their seat; after that, some members of the also audience get to join the performance on stage.

Building up to the climax of the show, everyone gets to have a share of the action, as huge balls and streamers come flying down on the crowd. Watch out – some of the paper steamers hurt because they don’t unfurl in time before gravity gets a hold of them!

The Blue Man Show is truly a spectacular production that is suitable for all ages, minus those who might have some adverse reaction to strobe lights. Happening from now till 24 April, tickets are available here.