Three Cheers for Hi-5

Hi-5 Greets Fans and Marina Bay Sands





 By Nishant Store

Comedian Jack Benny once marveled, “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Taking a leaf out of his book, swarms of children, journalists (stand-in babysitters), parents and gleeful onlookers gathered outside Marina Bay Sands’ South Coast Bistro at 10 am to greet the cast of Hi-5 in person. Oblivious to baby-drool and harmful UV-ray exposure, ageing members of the halcyon crowd rekindled happy childhood memories as they sang and danced to Hi-5 favorites including ‘Holiday’ and ‘Zoo Party’.

What is Hi-5?

For over ten years, Hi-5 has been regarded as one of the most successful pre-school television shows in Australia. Through interactive games and musical compositions, the five cast members impart trivia to over a million children every week! Surprisingly, this isn’t a deterrent- parents contribute just as much towards the show’s viewership.

Even though the music’s lyrical content is aimed at toddlers, its catchy melodies, five-piece harmonies and bouncy rhymes have mesmerized an ever-growing adult fan base. The show’s recent takeover by Asiasons, a Malaysian company investment company, has helped to spread its appeal across Asia. On August 1st, the show will premier across Asia on the Disney Channel, and the cast will fly down to Singapore from 4th to 9th September to play full shows to Singaporean audiences.

Meet and Greet at Marina Bay Sands

Helping themselves to scoops of multi-colored ice-cream, members of the press talked with the show’s cast- Stevie, Casey, Lauren, Dayen and Tim. The cast related memorable fan encounters to media representatives. Lauren and Dayen were once proposed to by infants. In contrast, a delusional toddler once walked up to Casey, flashed an endearing smile and nonchalantly claimed her as its mother.

Later, the cast of Hi-5 also posed for photos with fans, after reassuring themselves that attentive photographers would diligently crop out their sweat- it was a hot, muggy Tuesday morning after all! Speaking about their upcoming ‘Hi-5 Holiday’ Singapore tour this September, Stevie proclaimed that even though all performers have a script to follow, Hi-5 likes to embellish a little of each member’s personality into the act. Their main goal is to ensure that performances are always interactive and that no two shows staged are ever the same.

Free Merchandise!

Fashionable pink Hi-5 hats were passed out to fans after Stevie, Casey, Lauren, Dayen and Tim stepped off the podium. Shaking off the slightest hint of inertia, people moved en masse, scrambling to snag these coveted headpieces!

Tickets for Hi-5 Holiday shows this September can be purchased at