Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition


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By Foo Rong En

Making its 3rd and final stop in Asia, the highly-interactive Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore is an in-depth chronicling of the world of the Transformers and their evolution over 30 years. Armed with a mission card, visitors will get to explore 8 themed zones, each offering a varied experience geared towards understanding more about the Transformers, from their appearance in classic cartoon shows to the pop-culture phenomenon in recent years.

In line with the exhibition location, the Transformers journey will be enhanced with science elements such as robotic technology, electromagnetism and energy in our daily lives, similar to the workings of the popular robot characters. To take the excitement a notch higher, visitors are invited to go through a laser maze to locate the Matrix of Leadership, in order to prevent the Decepticons from activating the Star Harvester.

The exhibits gets distinctively science-orientated, where visitors are tasked to repair Optimus Prime. Tranformium, which has the ability to assume any shape or colour, comes in the form of iron fillings here, where visitors can push a button to see a sample of it scatter and reform to the various song beats.

In the activity zone (Zone 7), visitors get to see the latest developments in the field of robotics and biomechanics. Try your hand at scrap metal art to create your own robot! An extensive collection of more than 300 Transformers figurines and fan’s collectibles is exhibited too.

To enhance the Transformers experience, the first three series of the movie will be screened at the theatre twice a day. Towards the end of the exhibition, visitors will come face to face with the highlight of the exhibition: 7m-tall Optimus Prime and Bumblebee!

The exhibition runs from 1 November 2014 to 1 March 2015 at The Annexe, Singapore Science Centre.