Unknown Facts About Cleopatra, Queen Of Egypt


Did You Know?

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By: Annabelle Maria Jeffrey

Many of us know Cleopatra as one of the most iconic female rulers to ever rule Egypt. We know her story too, but here are some interesting facts about this intellectually driven ruler we might not know.

1)   Cleopatra, also know as Cleopatra VI, was the sixth person to be named Cleopatra, but she was the only famous female ruler out of all. Her mother was also rumoured to be named Cleopatra.

2)   Cleopatra was of Greek descent. Her father was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty that ruled Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great.

3)   Cleopatra who studied philosophy, mathematics and medicine, is said to have written a medical book called Cosmetics that included remedies for hair loss and dandruff

4)   Out of the four children she had, one with Julius Caesar and three with Mark Antony, only one survived. Her daughter Cleopatra Selene, fathered by Mark Antony was the only child who was not assassinated, but instead became Queen of Mauretania.

5)   Mark Antony took his life using his sword after hearing through the miscommunication of the informants that Cleopatra was dead. Cleopatra, however who was still alive and killed herself by allowing an asp bite her when she received the news that Mark Antony was dead.