Verdi Gala: A Bicentenary Celebration


Verdi’s legacy lives on

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Image credits: Singapore Lyric Opera

By: Yasmeen Banu

On the 24th of October, Singapore Lyric Opera presented Verdi Gala: A Bicentenary Celebration at the Esplanade.

It was nothing short of a celebration for the magnificent composer, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi, whose works have been welcomed, admired, and cherished in opera houses all over the world. The celebration featured some of his stunning works namely Witches Chorus from Macbeth, Bella figlia dell’amore from Rigoletto and Brindisi (The Drinking Song) from La Traviata.

Jessica Chen, Anna Koor, Jason Wasley, and Christopher Hillier sang so flawlessly that every time they performed a song, one would momentarily be brought back to the days Giuseppe Verdi composed the tunes.  Di Provensa il mar from La Traviata, sung by Christopher Hillier, the baritone, was especially melodious, slow and calming. Anna Koor, the mezzo-soprano, complemented the evening with the purest voice that oozed with emotions.

It was a delightful celebration made better with the powerful voices of the quartet, the Singapore Lyric Opera and most definitely the beautiful sounds from the Singapore Lyric Opera Orchestra.

The duo, Christopher Hillier and Jason Wasley, the tenor, sang in perfect unison greeting the audience with a handsome combination of two men with riveting charm and rich vocals. The soprano Jessica Chen, delivered such a stunning performance for Bella figlia dell’amore from Rigoletto. It felt like every song she sang was a tale she was narrating and although the songs were in Italian, it felt personal.

The audience entered the concert hall wanting to be swept off their feet with Verdi’s works, and indeed they were swept off their feet, gifting the celebration with a well-deserved standing ovation.

All of Giuseppe Verdi’s work featured for the gala was showcased exquisitely and although Verdi is long gone, his legacy will forever live on, especially with the glorious voices of the quartet doing justice to his magnificent work.

Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi – a composer worth remembering. I feel that one of his best compositions was the Witches Chorus.Thanks for the review! (: