War of the Ads


For every business, there’s bound to be a rival against them somewhere. While some companies acknowledge their rivals and keep it at that, there are some rivals who take a prod at each other just for fun. Here are some brands who have taken it upon themselves to start a mini visual war, and providing much laughter for the public who have seen it.

Pepsi vs Coca-cola

During Halloween, Pepsi released an ad with a can of Pepsi mimicking a can of Coke. This was not the first ad that Pepsi has made fun of coke with, as history has shown, as they had ones on April Fools’ Day proclaiming they love Coke before.

Kingfisher vs Jet Airways

Shortly after Jet Airways came out with their ad about their improved services, Kingfisher took a billboard ad just above theirs, challenging them by implying that because they provided the finest service, they had made Jet Airways change as such.

Stella Artois vs Newcastle Brown Ale


In response to Stella Artois’ ad that beer should be seen as higher-end and as such, calling it a chalice instead of a glass of beer, Newcastle Brown Ale retorted to the statement by asking who still uses the word “chalice” and beer is beer – no bollocks about that!

Audi vs BMW

The most famous case of all ad wars would have to be between Audi and BMW. Starting with the ad by BMW promoting its 35th MOA rally (Chess Tournament), Audi soon began to have a bone to pick with it.

Some time later, the billboard changed to further egg their rivals on.


Naturally, BMW responded accordingly.

Which in turns, commanded the below response from Audi.

BMW later upped the game by having a blimp fly over the billboards.

Which resulted in Audi sarcastically retorting them back in print.

BMW wasn’t going to that sitting down…

And out of the blue (pun intended), Subaru joined in the fun.

And finally, Bentley joined in the fun.

Although, they probably got the last laugh though: