What Happens When You Bathe in Coke and Mentos?

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So, everybody knows what happens to a Coke bottle when you toss a Mentos mint in it. But what happens when you’re IN a bathtub full of Coke Zero and you’ve got Mentos stuck all over you? If you don’t have time to experiment, take a look at this Japanese guy’s video (it helps that he’s cute).

When you put a Mentos into a Coke bottle, you’d get a huge geyser of sticky drink explosion. This is because the candy’s gelatin and gum arabic gum (and porous surface) combine with the soft drink’s potassium benzoate and aspartame, the carbonation (CO2) in the drink goes crazy trying to release itself, creating all that foam – but when you force all of it through the small opening of the bottle…