What if fairytales happened in Singapore?

W!LD RICE’s latest pantomime ‘Hansel & Gretel’ set in our homeland

By Valerie Lua

Set in Singapore, the show incorporated a large amount of local jokes, slang and references, bringing home even closer to the heart. Who would have ever guessed that such a traditional tale could be so Singaporean?

Laughter filled the theatre as the performers of W!LD RICE’s Hansel and Gretel pantomime sang and danced. Regardless of age or race, this interactive musical definitely caters to all. Like many other theatre productions, the songs, the plot and the visual effects were great.

What sets this pantomime apart from the rest is how Singaporean it is; W!LD RICE is well known for giving traditional stories a local twist, and you can only imagine what formed the house made of goodies!

Pam Oei, the director has certainly raised the bar by introducing scent into the show. The sweet smell of cakes and other sweet treats is released during appropriate parts of the show, as if the visuals aren’t enough to make your stomach growl.

After making you hungry for ‘Kueh Lapis’, ‘Nine Layer Cake’ and other local goodies, these sweet treats can be found offered in baskets during the intermission – what a tasty surprise!

Besides the food, the characters are very localised as well – Hansel and Gretel stayed in Queenstown, got lost in Mandai forest and met a bunch of National Service men on the way.  Get ready to put your understanding of ‘Singlish’ to the test as you hear the NS men complain!

After the wonderful time spent with the talented crew, you get to bring a piece of the musical back with you at the post-pantomime autograph and photograph session!

The soundtrack of the musical was sold in CDs after the show, and for every CD purchased, SGD5.00 goes to a fund that helps theatre talents with illnesses.

What better way to usher the spirit of Christmas in than through laughter, joy, food and charity at the Hansel and Gretel musical?