How to get involved

Let’s get started!

If you’re interested in media and looking for a chance to get your work published, we’re happy to sit down with you and see if there is a place for you at Campus.

In addition to getting published, here are some opportunities we’ve provided for our student contributors:

Exclusive Reporting

  • We were the first reporters allowed ON-SET at LucasFilm’s “Clone Wars”
  • We were behind-the-scenes at MEN’S FASHION WEEK
  • We regularly have MEDIA-INVITE events such as store & restaurant launches, awards shows, movie screenings & more!

Real-World Experience

  • For almost every article, we try to send our reporters out on assignment to conduct interviews and/or get student input
  • We also strive to pair our writers with designers, illustrators and photographers to help them to learn to work as a team and to get their message across to the readers
  • For our more senior writers, we have sent our reporters overseas – we’ve sent them to places like Bali, Okinawa, Taiwan, Laos and Bandung – on assignment!
  • In-house interns get to see, experience and maybe plan our multitude of contests, which have included the Hertz Drive Challenge, Design Your Journey, Feel & Film Rwanda, as well as staples like Travel2Taiwan, CoverMe Campus and Campus Cookout!

Design Exposure

  • Pitch for ad campaigns for big brands like Sony & Panasonic
  • Illustrate images or take photos for our various articles
  • Submit designs for our cover

The positions available in Campus Singapore are Marketing, Graphic Designer, Photographer and Journalist, either as in-house or on a Contributor basis (you’ll be assigned via email).

Our requirements are simple. If you consider yourself to be a creative and confident individual, able to take direction, but still develop your own voice within a piece of work, you can start by sending us an email in 75 words or less, telling us all about you and what position you’d be keen to fill to