WILD wildlife tours


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For those of us who have pets, we know how smart they can get – be it learning to play dead or even learning how to open the door into our rooms just from watching and imitating us! For those who don’t have pets, well, I’m sure you would have at least seen videos of their intelligence. But while these are limited to house pets, have you ever wondered, what happens when the WILD wildlife get up to such antics? Here are two tours with participants who won’t forget their experiences in a haste!

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In Baja California in Mexico, a pod of whales began tailing a boat which was out at sea for…well, whale watching. The whales probably had gotten very accustomed to having visitors looking at them, for they began lifting their fins and tails out of water in a playful manner, much to the delight of the people on board the boat who were busy taking shots of the whales. Suddenly, an errant fin lifted out of the waters and clouted one of the passengers over the head and though the girl was unharmed from the incident, other than receiving a small bruise on her shoulder, it was considered to be amazing since she was clubbed by a behemoth!
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In South Africa, visitors to game reserves are told to keep their car doors locked for fears of animals opening them, but most people would have associated them as a warning issued with primates such as monkeys or chimpanzees in mind than others. 2 sisters found themselves in for a rude shock when they realised it’s not just the monkeys who may know how to open a car door. As they stopped in front of a pride of lions, one of them walked up to the side of the car and began gnawing. The next minute, the lion had pulled the door open and the sisters hastily closed it back in fright. Was this the first time lions has pulled open a car door? Apparently it was not, as they had been other cases reported by other visitors too with video evidence.

Now then, what other WILD wildlife videos have you seen?