Yellow Submarines–Cheesy Goodness!

A new “Subway” is here to rock Singapore, and it’s bigger, better and tastier!


By Sara Jane Ong

Yellow Submarine, which opened recently in the heart of Toa Payoh Central, prides themselves in their cheesesteaks – their bestseller: a long sandwich stuffed with juicy beef, onions and of course, like the name suggests, oozing cheese! (and we all know that we love cheese).

Boasting a menu that fits all ages, Yellow Submarine sells their subs (named after their name and because they are shaped like submarines) in five different flavours – the classic cheesesteak, oregano sub (chicken with mayonnaise), M-1 sub (for the vegetarians – it’s filled with mushrooms, veggies, and cheese), tuna sub (tuna, of course), and chic sub (yay, chicken!) Not only subs, Yellow Submarine sells two different kinds of burgers as well: the Single Hit, named because it has only one patty, and the Twin Strikes, two mini burger slides with tiny patties inside.

946504_167707586727216_1196612339_nYellow Submarine’s sides are pretty unique as well, consisting of the dino nugget – cute nuggets shaped like dinosaurs which are crispy on the outside, and really yummy, and of course, my favourite – the torpedo fries! The torpedo fries are unlike any others which are served outside, they are oozing with cheese and somehow, the fries still manage to stay crispy and appetizing, which kept making me go back for more!

The amazing thing about Yellow Submarines, is that the six owners who have came together to open this place, is that they have gone over fifty different types of cheese to come together with their final cheese sauce – which has gone right, I must say.

Yellow Submarines are not Halal certified at the moment, but for all those Muslims out there, fret not, as they do not sell any pork or lard, and are working on getting Halal certified!

(On a side note, their employees’ work attire are the cutest ever!)

Location: Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-110 Singapore 310177

Opening Hours: 10.30am~10.30pm
Phone: 63527890Fotor0611103813