YouTube Fanfest 2013 Singapore

Popular Youtube personalities get up close with the fansryanhiga

by Foo Rong En and photos by Preeti Nair

Instead of being a detached media event filled with giggling girls, the YouTube Fanfest was surprisingly intimate, with stars showing off their witty side.

The fact that they are foreign to our little country made their observations about Singapore even more amusing and endearing at the same time.The YouTube Fanfest was in collaboration with HP, which showed off its technology prowess during the event.

Though it was just Day One, the line-up was pretty extensive. First up was Singaporean Steph Micayle with over 13 million views. Catapulted to stardom by her cover of Gangnam Style, her Youtube channel comprises mainly of song covers and her live performance was no different.


Mighty Car Mods from Australia are car aficionados and do a killer job modifying cars. They film their own videos to upload on YouTube, complete with awesome soundtracks.  Here are their wise words to the audience-”Follow your heart, follow your dream and eat tofu while you are doing it.”  To end Day 1 on a very sweet note, Chester See arrived in all his handsome glory on stage, and the deafening cheers of girls asking him to do all sorts of sexy stuff brought the house down.

Day Two was more chaotic due to the lineup, which featured big names on YouTube like Ryan Higa and Boyce Avenue. During the press conference, the spunky Eat Your Kimchi (Couple Simon and Martina) revealed how they became accidental YouTube stars-”We initially posted videos of our time in Korea to reassure our parents that living in South Korea is actually safe, and they are not involved with North Korea or anything”. This knack for comedy fused with their experiences residing in Korea as foreigners have racked up over 120 millions views for the duo.

Boyce Avenue brought up some possibilities that they might venture into apart from music,like “doing a reality TV show on (their) channel” and “maybe doing more blogs…holding your eyes on us (proceeds to do cute ‘literally grabbing your eyeballs’ movement).”Other Youtube stars who have made an appearance include: David Choi,Namewee,Hikakin,The Viral Fever and more.

The YouTube Fanfest was more than a show; it was an inspirational tale of how the brilliant pairing between talent and technology can change one’s life.