Four Horse Road 2020 @ The Theatre Practice
Mar 25 @ 8:00 pm – Apr 19 @ 10:00 pm
Four Horse Road 2020 @ The Theatre Practice

Spanning 150 years in Singapore history, Four Horse Road 2020 will get you on your feet to watch history come alive and unfold around you as you journey through three heritage buildings on Waterloo Street.

This 2-hour theatre journey will bring you back in time to discover some of the best-kept secrets and unsolved mysteries of Waterloo Street and its surrounding area. Be it as a bus passenger, a visitor to the home for the aged and destitute, or just as an observer, audiences play a part in the story as the action unfolds right before your eyes.

Sorting audiences into different routes, Four Horse Road will have audiences back for more as one can experience the journey differently each time they visit. If you missed a scene in 2018, here comes your second chance to catch it again.

During the initial stages of research, numerous stories from the past about Waterloo Street and its vicinity were excavated. Ten were chosen to be developed for the stories in the first
edition in 2018; in 2020, new ones will be added to the collection. While bringing back crowd favourite scenes such as “Bus Hijack”, “Nantina Home”, the bustling restaurant of “May Blossom”, one can look forward to new twists in the returning stories. All the scenes taking place within the Practice building will be new.

Practice’s most intricate production to date
Bringing together partners and people from different walks of life to tell the story, Four Horse Road boasts a team of over 60 creatives, cast and crew, to make the show happen every night. Four Horse Road is one of Practice’s most intricate productions, and one of the largest scale promenade theatre production in Singapore to date.

Brought to life by some of Singapore’s most talented creatives, Four Horse Road 2020 features a 27-strong diverse cast, with the return of familiar and new faces of the Singapore theatre scene, including Sugie Phua, Al-matin Yatim, Dwayne Lau, Grace Kalaiselvi, Goh Guat Kian, Ric Liu, Ethel Yap, Andrew Mowatt and more.

A highlight of this multilingual work is the use of over 10 different languages and Chinese dialects. Adding on the challenge, the cast will also have to tackle various language accents from different eras of Singapore history.

Ticket sales starts 18 December 2019.

[POSTPONED] First Fleet (March 2021) @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Mar 12 @ 8:00 pm – Mar 21 @ 3:00 pm
[POSTPONED] First Fleet (March 2021) @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
[POSTPONED to March 2021]
First Fleet is an original play by Nelson Chia, inspired by Thomas Keneally’s novel The Playmaker and other materials on the convict transportation to Australia.
Nine Years Theatre and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre jointly present to you First Fleet. The audience will be seated on the stage of the Cultural Centre’s auditorium, as they set sail with the players to explore the relationships between theatre and humanity.

The year is 1787. The First Fleet of the British Empire sets sail for Australia with a group of convicts aboard, to establish a penal colony. Along the way, the Governor instructs one of his lieutenants to rehearse a play with the convicts, with the hope of using the power of theatre to rehabilitate them. But who has ever heard of an officer putting up a play with his convicts? Certainly not the other officers, priest, judge, doctor or the convicts, who all have reservations about such a ridiculous proposition. Will they eventually be able to stage the play successfully? For these officers and convicts, is the foreign land that they are attempting to build a penal colony in, a brave new world or simply a nightmare from hell?