The Bride Always Knocks Twice – Killer Secrets (The Theatre Practice)

    Bride Always Knocks Twice

    Leave present day Singapore behind and step into a mysterious house outside of time and space. Meet seven women from seven different eras. Within this safe haven, they call each other sister… until one of them is found murdered. As buried secrets and hidden grudges rise to the surface, who is guilty? We need you to find out.

    Part game, part theatre, participants take on the role of investigator to solve the mystery across four chapters. Participants who can solve the case can enter a draw to win the following prizes:

    1st PRIZE: $1,000 cash + 2 nights hotel stay at Hotel Soloha
    2nd PRIZE: 2 nights hotel stay at Hotel Soloha
    3rd PRIZE: 1-night hotel stay at Hotel Soloha

    Hang out in the digital world, no cap on social gatherings. The more the merrier and enjoy up to 51% savings if you play in groups of 3.

    How to Play?
    The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets is a multi-platform interactive murder mystery. Each ticket grants you access to access to Chapter 1, 2, and 4:

    Chapter 1: Conflicts (Digital Theatre | 45 mins): Revisit the night of the murder and watch the loyalties and conflicts play out between the seven women.
    Chapter 2: Lies (Live Interrogation | 60 mins): Enter the interrogation room and question
    two out of five possible subjects. Uncover their motives, test their alibis.
    Chapter 3: Crime Scene* (360º Online Investigation | 30 mins):Visit the house to search for clues through a virtual reconstruction of the murder site.
    Chapter 4: Revelations (Digital Theatre | 45 mins): Join the policewoman to unmask the
    real killer as the truth finally comes to light. This will take place on Sunday (6 June 2021) and Monday (7 June 2021), 8pm. Participants can access Chapter 4 on both days.

    * Optional. Not included in the ticket, available for an additional fee.