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Before GPB proceeds to fill your mind with anarchy and conspiracies, let’s get personal. The Beng wants to reach out to all you tertiary quasi-adults with raging hormones. girl trouble, boy trouble, girl on girl trouble, galactic anomalies, job interviews, basically anything. The Beng will have an answer for you. So, onwards…

“Excuse me, if you don’t mind, your legs are spread wider than a circus acrobat’s.”

GPB is a member of society. If you are a member of society, please read on. If you are not, you should be lying in cave and how this issue got to you is beyond GPB’s comprehension. With reference to the opening  quote, the topic of dissection today will be public transport. “Public” has a communal connotation to it and with it being  communal, it would be assumed that some manners and consideration for members of the pubic would be in order.

No, that is not a typo. GPB does not make typos. The quote onthe left was what GPB said to this scrawny, pimply boy who was seated on the inside seat of a bus. So when GPB sat down, he noticed a boney knee on his side of the seat. Now, if you were The Rock, GPB can understand why you might have to have your legs open fairly wide apart. This yet-to-fully-develop punk on the other hand, needed a lesson in social graces. After that one liner, GPB looked the kid dead in his eye and said, as a follow-up blow: “If its a cocktail wiener, don’t act like it’s a bratwurst.” SHAZAAAAAM.

All GPB got back was a sheepish look and a slowly retracting knee. Now, ladies and germs, we are all fairly educated individuals – you more so than GPB without a doubt. Yet it is increasingly disappointing when at MRT stations, bus stops, taxi queues, in trains and buses, everyone behaves like Armageddon has come and that particular vessel is the only thing that will keep their Facebook status from being updated to “Died in burning train LOL :)”


The government puts up all these signs in the trains and buses to undermine our intelligence. “Move into the rear”, “Move into the middle”, “Special seat for the elderly”. To GPB, these are very insulting. That being said, GPB just remembered staring down this teenage boy who did not seem retarded or had a leg amputated at the knees, sitting in the elderly persons seat on the MRT, and right in front of this snot-nosed kid was a gracefully ageing lady of about 60. Did he stand up to let her have that seat? You know the answer. As much as I dislike the government plastering signs herding us to do the socially responsible thing, you have young, considerably educated people out there who totally lack civil responsibility.  What has GPB imparted to you today? Be nice on public transport – we all use it. Move to the back, give up your seat for the elderly or retarded.

Campus Articles || Gan Phua Beng || Society Rules