5 Unique Stats about Runners in Singapore

Digital sports platform LIV3LY has revealed the results of its inaugural analysis of over 10,000 runners in its database. The analysis was done in May this year as part of its first campaign to celebrate the spirit of running in Singapore and pooled data from runs such as the NTUC Income Run 350, Straits Times Run and Great Eastern Women’s Run, among others.

1. Starting the Race Early

Analysis has discovered that runners who start the race at 6.30 am instead of 9.30 am run on average, 18 minutes longer. This shows that starting the race early may have a positive impact on endurance.

2. Male Runners Are Faster

Also from looking at the statistical differences in race timings between both genders, it is found male runners clock a performance timing that is approximately 10 minutes faster than their female counterparts.

3. Age Matters Little in Race

On average, the performance difference between a 20-year-old runner and an 80-year-old runner is approximately 9 seconds apart. This surprising stats reveals that with the right training and diet, athletes can maintain their fitness through the golden years.

4. Overseas Runners Are On the Faster Lane

Comparing Singaporean athletes against their foreign counterparts, it is realised overseas runners, who join the marathons in Singapore, are on average, only three minutes faster than home-grown runners.

5. Solo Runners Triumph Over Group Runners in Speed

On average, solo runners are 13 seconds faster than group runners. Though, as the data analysis was done on marathons, and not short sprints, the difference in timing might not be markedly significant.

Source: LIV3LY