How to get involved

Open to tertiary students only

Are you a student interested in media and looking for a chance to get your work published? If you don’t know who we are, you should read this first.

Our internship

You will be able to write for Campus magazine, website, and even be involved in our regular brainstorming sessions! In addition to editorial duties, you may be able to try your hand at social marketing, video production, as well as outreach and events.

This position is ideal for those who are on term break, or in between schools; basically, for those who have a lot of time to commit to a full-time gig. Our internships last for at least 3 months.

What do you get to do with Campus magazine…?

In addition to getting published, here are some opportunities we’ve provided for our student contributors:

Exclusive Reporting

  • Interviews: we can arrange for interviews for your story. For eg. we’ve sent contributors ON-SET at LucasFilm, interview artists like Nathan Hartono, and more!
  • Event coverage: our contributors have covered events ranging from award shows and fun runs to film festivals, community initiatives, and more!
  • Review opportunities: we regularly get contributors to attend media invites to review store & restaurant launches, movies, concerts/performances & more!

Real-World Experience

  • We strive to get contributors and interns to learn to work as a team and to get their message across to the readers
  • We have even sent our senior interns overseas – we’ve sent them to places like Bali, Okinawa, Taiwan, Laos and Bandung – on assignment!
  • In-house interns get to see, experience and maybe plan our multitude of contests, which have included the Hertz Drive Challenge, Design Your Journey, Feel & Film Rwanda, Travel2Taiwan, CoverMe Campus, Campus Cookout, and more!

Design Exposure

  • Illustrate or take photos for our various articles
  • Submit designs for our cover

Our requirements?

If you consider yourself to be a creative and confident individual, able to take direction, but still develop your own voice within a piece of work, we’d love to hear from you!

Email us in 75 words or less, telling us all about you and whether you’d want to be a Contributor or Intern, to