Everything, Explored

Campus now has a podcast channel, “Everything, Explored.” Our podcast tackles almost everything from current affairs to pop culture, and the world at large. Hosted by a rotating cast of Campus contributors and interviewees, we explore questions you never thought you wanted to ask. The topics we talk about are limited only to the imagination.

Season 1

In Season 1 of Everything, Explored, our podcast hosts, Ashley Ow and Paul Ng, explore a wide range of topics. They explore everything from Singapore’s pop music scene and fake influencers to the economical impact of the Ukraine war and even neighbourhood cats.

Episode 1 | 19 July: What Will it Take to Make People Finally Care More About Things in Ukraine?

Episode 2 | 26 July: There’s Kpop, There’s Mandopop. Will We Ever Have a Thing Like Singapore Pop?

Episode 3 | 2 August: Did Sci-Fi get Space Wrong? We Explore Moon Mining to Space Tourism

Episode 4 | 10 August: How Come so Many People Don’t Respect the Art of Film Scoring?

Episode 5 | 16 August: Are Influencers all Frauds? A Brief Guide to the World of Influencing

Episode 6 | 23 August: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Living with Otters, Monkeys and Boars

Episode 7 | 30 August: Learn how to Identify Singapore’s Most Popular Birds

Episode 8 | 6 September: What Happens when We Live Side By Side with so Many Cats?

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