Favourite Spots in Japan, from the Cast of PRINCE OF LEGEND |

As Japan is slowly opening up to the world post-pandemic, you may want to start planning your much-anticipated trip to the land...
gender issue 76

[Out Now] Issue 76: Gender Issue |

From the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case to incels committing violence, it's troubling that gender issues still cloud our everyday life. Our Gender...
Mapletree Challenge 2022

The Mapletree Challenge: Pushing The Boundaries Of Sustainability Through Innovation |

With increasing awareness of the environment and healthier living, sustainability has been in the minds of many. From businesses to individuals, many are starting to take meaningful steps to improve sustainability and be more eco-friendly.
ESSEC Global BBA Kpop

What can the ESSEC Global BBA Teach You About Kpop?

Find out more about the ESSEC Global BBA at

Streetwear vs Ribbons: Gender Marketing in K-pop |

at entices fans of all ages to open their wallets in order to obtain pieces of paper with their favourite idol’s selfies, or travel across the world to attend a concert.
Animal gender

Clingy Guys and Weird Appendages: Procreating in the Animal Kingdom |

Forget what you know about the birds and the bees, because some of these animals procreate by throwing the gender book out the window.

Gendered Oppression : The Case of Incels |

The incel – a portmanteau for “involuntary celibate” – community is notorious for rampant misogyny, violent rhetoric, and fatalistic attitudes toward modern relationships.
South Korea misogyny

South Korea Has a Misogyny Issue |

From chart-topping K-pop girl groups to strong K-drama female leads, South Korea’s pop culture would lead you to believe it’s a nation that’s on par with the world in terms of economy, entertainment, and gender equality.

Beyond the Binary: Gender Identity and Pronouns |

For many years, the use of personal pronouns has become the topic of much controversy and discourse. However, there’s no denying that pronouns are an essential part of grammar to identify yourself and others.
Feminism men

Why Men Should be Feminists Too |

It’s not uncommon to hear that once women identify themselves as “feminists,” they’d almost always be labelled a “man hater” or even “feminazi.” Perhaps this stems from the problem that many of us still haven’t grasped the true meaning of being a “feminist”.