Has the hipster latte gone too far?

You may love a good cuppa latte, or even a novelty latte with marshmallows or rainbow jimmies sprinkled by unicorns. In this day and age, the type of latte you can order is limited to your imagination.

Since you’ve probably already tried lattes with marshmallows or rainbow coloured sprinkles, latte-makers are now raising the bar – once again – by offering unique containers in which to serve them.

Goodbye, mason jars and ice cream cones, hello… produce aisle.

“Avo-latte” is a thing. It combines a latte and an avocado – it’s not exactly a latte blended with avocado, it’s latte served in an avocado.

Whipped up in Australia’s coffee capital of Melbourne, it was only a matter of time that something like this was invented. It’s probably a good way to encourage you to eat your greens.

Then again, the avo-latte isn’t the only weird thing to come out of Australia. If you don’t like an avocado shell, you can also have it in carrots.

In a bid to out-hipster each other in the competitive cafe culture, a cafe called Locals Corner came up with this after the avo-latte. Of course, even the owners admit that serving coffees in fruits and veggies isn’t really practical – they’ve also tried serving latte in apples and oranges.

Could this be a new trend? Who knows…

Perhaps one of these trending coffees might be available here:

The fluffy meringue coffee concocted in Seoul. Pretty to look at. Then there’s this ‘coffee’:

Purported to be the world’s ‘first clear coffee’ that’s actually brewed with real coffee beans and then… made clear. Supposedly it’s catered to coffee drinkers who don’t want their teeth stained.

Who knows what else they’re going to come up with.