POP! In the City III

The vibrant artwork of Burton Morris

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By: Srishti Bangar

Pop and Contemporary Fine Art are having their annual event in Singapore for the fourth time this year. Their exhibition is called “Pop! In the City III,” showcasing over twenty pieces of art made by Burton Morris in the ION Art Gallery. Burton Morris, renowned for his interpretations of everyday objects with powerful colours and thick lines, is in Singapore for the first time. He was at the exhibition on 18th October, casually talking to the members of the public present there.

These interesting and colourful paintings are said to take about several days to be completed, but some can even take up to weeks! The painting which took the longest time to complete is The Liberty. The piece started off with light colours and then moved on to the dark colours and finally ended with black outlines. As pop paintings have many layers of paint, it is essential to wait for each layer of paint to dry, before painting another layer. Some of Morris’ pieces are created with certain themes in mind, like the 007 Nightstand, a ‘James Bond’ themed artwork with alot of intricate details that made it lifelike.

Morris’ work has been used by some well-known companies like Absolut Vodka and Heinz. His paintings have also been featured in the popular American television show, Friends.

For those interested in this exhibition, it is on till 31st October from 11 am to 9 pm. So go check it out before you miss your chance to witness the amazing artwork of Burton Morris!