[Review] Jump

Performing their 30,000th show in Singapore, Jump is a Korean comedy that combines martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastic moves and slapstick humour. The story is set in an average Korean home where every member of the family is skillful in martial arts and spends most of their time challenging one another.

I certainly enjoyed certain aspects of the show. Watching a simulation of real-life rewind and slow-motion, the way the cast interacted with the crowd, as well as their impressive somersaults, I can see its light-hearted appeal.

The entire plot may seem incoherent with no climax nor resolution – it began with the story of the daughter and her suitor, then switched to a burglary in the home – but the audience in Resorts World Sentosa Theatres did seem to get a kick out of Jump as they chortled at their shenanigans.

I personally didn’t really enjoy the show because I am not a fan of slapstick humour (which was 100% of the storyline) so yes, that is on me. Throughout the performance, I was confused at the characters’ roles and their relationships with each other, but at the end of the day, Jump is impressive in its ability to transcend language barriers – in that essence, there’s no need for a convoluted plot or deep storyline.

Jump is a essentially a martial arts comedy entertainment for an international market. Hence, it’s perfectly catered to kids, people who enjoy slapstick humour, or for someone who is looking for a laugh combined with acrobatic theatrics.

by Violet Koh