Sugarbaby dating platform and bike-sharing problems will be discussed at Parliament

On Monday (Feb 5), Parliament will discuss some of the most talked-about subjects on everyone’s minds – these cover a wide gamut of topics, from sugar-daddy dating sites to bike-sharing to (even) the Government’s position on the City Harvest ruling. Sounds like another day on Facebook.

One of the most interesting topics is the money-for-love online dating platform TheSugarBook. In case you didn’t know (or are already using it), it pairs wealthy individuals with “sugar babies”, usually students such as yourselves. We wonder if the Ministry for Social and Family Development will address the “possible harm and exploitation” that its targets could be subjected to. In the first place: is it even legal in Singapore?

Of course, everyone’s poking fun at PUB for their handling of recent floodings in the wake of heavy rain. Apparently, five questions on flooding have been tabled. We hope one of them is: how will this be fixed? Hopefully without too many jackhammering of roads…

We also have the issue that’s on everyone’s agenda: the annoying errant parking of shared bicycles. Last month 62 bikes from three bike-sharing companies were impounded for obstructing footpaths by the LTA. In addition to being grilled about the MRT, Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan has also been asked what can be done to address the indiscriminate parking of such bicycles.

Other topics include addressing the recent rash of road traffic accidents overseas involving Singaporeans, the recent popping and cracking of floor tiles in HDB flats and cryptocurrency trading.

Should be interesting to sit in…