Toy Expression Fails

You had one job

If you haven’t popped into a toy store in a while, you should. You’d be surprised at the array of toys available since you were a kid. But a trip to the toy store isn’t really complete until you spot an inappropriate toy, or a toy that seems rather… off. We’re not sure how you feel about dolls and stuffed toys, but we’re pretty sure these were made at a factory with very lax quality control:

This little dino looks like he’s either trying to be sleazy, or he’s just taken a muscle relaxant.

At least this doll stays true to what it says on the box: ‘Real Life Expressions’. And that expression would be…

Baby’s expression and the quote don’t really seem to work together… “I am a sweet baby”? Looks like it wants to beat you up in a dark alley.

Can’t figure out what’s really wrong with Winnie the Pooh? Hmm…

Do these ‘sad eyes’ make you feel guilty?

At least someone has the sense to put the correct caption on the box: “Super-Deformed Plush”