4 websites for your reading pleasure

Students are often told to read the newspapers to keep themselves aware and updated of the current affairs. However, in today’s rate, where everything is a click away and information can be obtained in more convenient and efficient ways, we don’t have the attention span to read newspapers. We are the content-hungry generation who look for interesting and creative content the moment we pick up our mobile phones or tabs.

In the attempt to draw in more visitors, many news and media websites have started thinking out of the box to post a variety of content such as telling stories via pictures, videos, memes and many other mediums that keep visitors hungry for more.

Communicating through news isn’t a one-way street anymore, it has become a requirement for a two-way street where you can also voice out your opinions and discuss the issue together with the agency who created the content. Since you’re already here on campus.sg, here is a list of 4 other websites for you to consider bookmarking.

Rice Media

From taboo topics to arts and food, Rice Media covers a wide variety of stories in Asia with depth and rigour. This quirky site also has a column tab that discusses bold perspectives on topics like racism and LGBTQ. A touch of humour can also be expected in their articles which will have you laughing and thinking at the same time. If you are keen on social and political issues that are often left unspoken about, especially in Asia, this website might just be the one for you.


If you don’t fancy reading SPH newspapers, then try their new initiative: a digital platform known as stirr.sg which deals with topics from current affairs to pop culture and rising trends. Apart from articles that discuss these topics, they also provide you with videos that add a bit of humor for student audiences produced by a young team. If you are looking to consume news in a more informal way, this is one to look out for.

Millennials of Singapore

This news media site is your voice. It features stories of millennials like you and me and perspectives on topics that impact our everyday lives. Students tend to lack direction in areas like romantic relationships, money and career paths. Millennials of Singapore will guide and equip you with useful tips you could apply in your life. The site also connects you with millennials who come from different backgrounds and have different stories to share.


If you are keener on lifestyle reads, SHOUT covers you with instant lifestyle content you need to know through visuals and video platforms. This site’s goal is to meet the needs of digital age readers with original content, and they cover a wide array of food, travel and fashion content that are relevant in today’s fast-changing world.

Written by Shamitha Segaran