5 Activities You Shouldn’t Miss at Campus Party

The first edition of Campus Party in Asia will be bringing in plenty of interesting “Campuseros” – experts from diverse fields of interests from six tech domains (ie. IoT, VR/AR, AI, etc). From toymakers and neuroscientsts to cosplayers, drone pilots, and robotics geeks, here are some interesting activities that will get you immersed in the world of tech (and fun). 


Tired of being called a couch potato? Boost your social cred by outrunning the undead – Zombie Rush is the ultimate quest for survival that involves the Internet of Things, Cosplayers and the Makers Community. Campuseros will get to choose between being a “zombie” or “human” in this heart-racing event. While brain-eating zombies work hard to infect humans, humans must collect vaccines with their teams as they try to make their way to safe zones. Teamwork and collaboration is key to coming out of the zombie apocalypse alive. Every team must recruit a member who is genius coder or a brainiac who can learn the basics of coding in record time.


Gamers curious about what goes on behind the scenes can finally discover secrets behind their favourite games, including green screen magic. Singapore Cyber Sports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), Twitch and Nanyang Polytechnic will curate a special experience zone for gamers. Another slice of heaven gamers won’t want to miss at the Campus PartyGaming Zone is a round-the-clock LAN/console gaming fest featuring Players’ Unknown Battlegrounds or PUBG!


What happens when robotics tech geeks meet glamorous cosplayers? Sparks will definitely fly with this unlikely collaboration between Team CSL from Korea and Nullspace Robotics from Singapore. This cross-cultural exchange will see cosplayers take their art form up a notch in unexpected ways. Campuseros can watch how robotics and technology play a part in enhancing creativity in the making of breathtaking animated costumes in the art of cosplay. This only common language needed here is a passion and interest in the fusion between technology and artistry.


Sometimes you have to master the little things before you achieve greatness in life. This July, Campus Party will become the perfect place for you to learn how to unlock secrets of the sub-conscious mind with RoboRoach,the ultimate race between cockroaches. To guide you on the path from noob to expert is maker and speaker Bill Reith, who is also an engineer and “roach surgeon” at Backyard Brains. Learn to do your own “roach surgery” and compel your roach racer to move by simply using the power of thought.


Build your own drone from scratch and let it take flight in Drone Race via an exciting UV-lighted racecourse that was specially curated for Campus Party Singapore. Brought to you by Performance Rotors and expert partners, this competition will test your drone piloting skills to the max. Get serious with the special Drone Fly Pass or the Campusero Experience Pass. You can choose between a one-day pass or a full 3-day pass.

Festival tickets are on sale now! This event is only open to 6,000 participants.