5 signs that you’re an “extroverted introvert” | campus.sg

by Quek Yoke Ling

Would you consider yourself to be outspoken or quiet? Are you a party animal or do you prefer staying at home? When it comes to one’s personality, two terms are commonly used: introvert and extrovert.  A common misconception many have is that one can fall only on either end of the spectrum – that is to say, a person is either an introvert OR extrovert. That, in fact, is untrue – no-one is 100% introverted or extroverted. If you can relate to any of the points below, you’re probably what is known as an “extroverted introvert”:

You’re often torn between going out and staying at home

via Canyon Echoes

Heading out is too much of a hassle, but staying home feels boring and even gets painful at times – when it comes to choosing between the indoors and the outdoors, you often find yourself stuck in a dilemma. As much as you enjoy socialising and are good at it, social situations tend to leave you feeling exhausted after a short while, following which you feel a strong urge to retreat back into your “shell” (ie. home).

The type of company you’re with matters, too: when it comes to making friends, you tend to be selective, preferring quality to quantity. While you can’t seem to spend enough time with some people, being with others feels more like an obligation than anything (ugh).  

You’re sensitive to environmental cues

Sensitive to noises, light, scents etc., your energy levels peak and wane with changes to your immediate surroundings. You pick up cues readily from your surroundings, and tend to get easily disrupted by sounds such as loud noises. Soft ambient music, on the other hand, can help soothe your nerves and make your day more productive.

Breaking the ice: slow, but totally worth it

While the prospect of meeting new people excites you, you tend to adopt a more cautious approach and observe the situation thoroughly before making any moves. Things may be a little awkward and stiff at first, but once the ice has been broken, you’re by far one of the bubbliest people in the room.

The double-appeal: charming + introspective

Art by Gemma Correll

Behind that witty facade of yours lies an incredibly thoughtful mind. While your words bring laughter to your circle, they also have the ability to provoke deep thinking. The extroverted component sees you bonding readily with others, whereas your introverted side makes journaling your thoughts and feelings a near-effortless process.