Are you ready for KFC’s dating simulator featuring a hot Colonel Sanders? |

“From the same people who brought you the bucket of chicken, comes the world’s first Colonel Sanders dating simulator,” the description reads.

KFC – yes, the family-friendly chicken place – has announced that it will, as a promo, release a dating simulator game called ‘I Love You Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator’ with help from developer Psyop, where the objective of the game is to date the (admittedly hot) Colonel.

While it looks and sounds like a promo that’s only available in Japan – thanks to the anime-like graphics and concept – it’s actually going to be a real game released in English worldwide on Steam for free on September 24 (mark your calendars!).

Playing the game

In the game, you’ll control a character who’s a ‘promising culinary student’ and a classmate of a young Colonel Sanders – instead of the old grandpa we all recognise, he now looks like any other ikemen anime character. There are nine characters in the game, including a dog who happens to be a professor, apparently.

The aim of the game is not just to win the Colonel’s heart – along the way, you’ll actually have to pass school, so there will be cooking contests and the like. The Colonel may even take you on as a business partner and show you his, um… secret recipe. There will be multiple hours of gameplay, a secret ending, ‘cute miniature food’, and recipes – the 11 herbs and spices, of course – to remind players that the game is all about KFC, after all.

Want to date this fella?

Who knows what the game would be like, but judging from the trailer, it’s full of anime cuteness and OTT graphics we normally expect from a shonen anime. What a clucky move.