Art of egg: check out these cute characters |

How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up over some fried rice? Hard boiled in your ramen soup? Or scrambled with your bacon and toast? Instagram user etonimama (etn.co_mam) has given the average sunny side, hard-boiled egg, and scrambled egg a makeover, creating adorable artworks that are too cute to eat.

She does a lot of character designs on sunny-side-up egg yolks:

Sausage and eggs
A subtle beauty
She has plenty of sunny-side-faces

Sunny side eggs aren’t her only type of art – here are some of her hard-boiled egg artworks:

Creepy old men, or babies?
Simple yet cute?

Even scrambled eggs get a makeover.

Strips of scrambled eggs made into egg balls
Omu rice with cat face

But wait, there’s more egg-citing work.

Jack Jack with a runny scrambled egg body
Even simple rice dishes get a simple makeover

Have you started to look at eggs in a different way now? Check out more of Etonimama’s (etn.co_mam) Instagram page for more of her Kyaraben (or ‘character bento’) art!