Artists to look out for at SGCC 2019! |

Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) will be upon us this weekend from 7-8 December at Marina Bay Sands, and there will be tons of artists – both amateur and professional – to wow you with their artwork.

Here are some of the professional artists who’ll be at the show!

Jason Freeny

Best known for his iconic anatomical character dissections featuring (cute) innards, Freeny has been exclusively partnered with local toymaker Mighty Jaxx for a while now. His latest work is in collaboration with Sesame Street for their 50th anniversary; meet Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Count, Ernie, and Bert as you’ve never seen them. If you’re a collector, you’d want to get your hands on the limited edition Sesame Street XXRAY Plus collection (Elmo is sold out!).

In his early days, making his own art from an established (copyright) character earned him more cease & desist letters than praise, but things have changed. Over the past few years, Freeny and other toymakers have been approached by plenty of established brands (and characters) for collaborations – luckily for fans, it’s now the norm.

Freeny’s handmade toys are so high spec that they’ve frequently been confused for mass-made productions – this is all thanks to his background in industrial design. In addition to sculpting collectible toys, Freeny is also an established illustrator. Catch him at booth B21 for a chat or autographs!

Greg Capullo

Greg Capullo is the artist of the best-selling and highly-acclaimed Batman series for DC Comics. Prior to that, he was best known for his 80-issue run on Image Comics’ Spawn, created by Todd McFarlane.

His most recent work is a collaboration with New York Times best-selling author Scott Snyder who he reunites with for their final Batman epic. The duo were the legendary team behind an epic Batman run from 2011-2016, and their final Batman story, Batman: Last Knight on Earth, is a post-apocalyptic tale that sees Batman team up with the Joker for one final quest to save a ravaged Gotham.

Catch Capullo at his guest booths (GB20 and B28); he’ll also be available for a superfan meet-and-greet together with Andy Kubert and Jock on 6 Dec (6-9pm) where you’ll get a 1-hour session with them and get tons of goodies (ie. 5 autographs, prints, photo ops, etc).

Andy Kubert

You’ve probably seen Andy Kubert‘s art on X-Men, Batman, Wolverine, and countless other comics. He’s also worked with acclaimed writers like Neil Gaiman and Frank Miller.

Kubert started his comics career as a letterer at DC Comics in 1980, and later the Batman versus Predator inter-company crossover. As of 2018, Kubert is collaborating with writer Scott Snyder on the New Challengers, part of DC’s Dark Metal project.

Catch Kubert at a sit-down session on the Main Stage on Saturday (12.30pm-1.30pm); he can also be found at his guest booth (GB22). He’ll also be available for a superfan meet-and-greet together with Greg Capullo and Jock on 6 Dec (6-9pm) where you’ll get a 1-hour session with them and get tons of goodies (ie. 5 autographs, prints, photo ops, etc).

Sarah Andersen

Sarah Andersen – creator of the popular Sarah’s Scribbles webcomic – can be considered an accidental comic artist. She created her iconic series while still at art school, and always considered it a side project to her illustration major. But that ‘side project’ turned out to be super popular, and after she graduated (and got tired of working as a barista) she decided to go full-time as a comic artist.

Andersen initially published her webcomics on Tumblr (where she found fame), but has since released them on various social media (Facebook, Instagram, Line), as well as on Patreon and Tapas. She also has her work in print. She professes that she’s not a comic artist with mad skills, although in the realm of webtoons and gag comics, she realises she’s one the very few with an art degree.

She’s recently been working on her new comic, Fangs – it’s a cheeky love story about a female vampire and a male werewolf. Why vampires? According to Andersen, she could totally relate to sleeping in the day, being pale, and being anemic all the time. Fangs also showcases her totally new art style. You can catch Andersen at her booth (B28) as well as at the Autograph Alley.

There’s more than just artists – watch out for some live Singapore Pro Wrestling showcase, the PVP eSports arena (DOTA2!), as well as some tabletop gaming! Get your tickets to Singapore Comic Con, happening from 7-8 Dec at Marina Bay Sands, with prices from $21 (1-day solo) to $63 (1-day family).