Battle of the (Plant-Based) Burgers – Where to Get Them |

Plant-based burger, anyone?
Savour some of these plant-based burgers at restaurants across Singapore

In case you haven’t heard, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have landed on our shores, so we’ll show you where you can sample these burgers (they do taste like beef!). Touted as the future of food, these vegan alternatives to meat patties are a far cry from your usual veggie patties or tofu burgers – they actually look, taste, and have the texture of beef, right down to the reddish hue. Even big names like Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio have funded them.

Plant-based meat may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s definitely the way of the future, helping meat lovers transition into eating less meat, which is great for the environment (and the cows). And what’s not to like? The Impossible patty, for example, has more protein, less total fat, no cholesterol, and fewer calories than a similar-sized beef patty.

Check out the burgers at these restaurants:

Wolf Burgers: Future Burger

With two locations – one at Suntec City’s Pasarbella and one at Changi City Point – Wolf Burgers serves Beyond Meat patties for their Future Burger ($16.90). Some may notice the irony that it actually costs more than their Wagyu Beef ($14.90) but the Future actually manages to hold its own. The burger is lined with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and melted cheese, with a patty that looks like it’s cooked medium-well.

Wolf Burger’s Future Burger

Privé: Beyond Burger

Privé offers different types of plant-based alternatives for your meat-free meals at all its seven outlets. At most outlets, you can get the Privé Beyond Burger ($21), a ‘daily creation’ using a Beyond Meat patty. The Plant-Based Truffled Mushroom Swiss Burger ($21) – available at Wheelock and Somerset outlets – gives you a choice of either an Impossible Meat or Beyond Meat patty, together with mushrooms, onion, and rocket, dolloped with vegan cheese sauce and vegan truffle mayonnaise.

Both burgers are comparable in price to their other beef burgers, and come with a side of salad and fries.

Privé’s Plant-Based Truffled Mushroom Swiss Burger, with a side of salad and fries.

The outlet at Wheelock Place also offers the Impossible Spaghetti ($19), which uses plant-based meatballs to make a simple spaghetti bolognese.

Three Buns: Impossible Chedda

Located in Robertson Quay and at Potato Head (Ann Siang Hill), Three Buns offers two versions of burgers made with the Impossible patty: Impossible Chedda ($23) and The Impossible Dream ($27). The former contains melted cheese, onion puree, and pickles, doused in a double ketchup (which tastes like BBQ sauce), while the latter is dolloped with onion marmalade and their specialty XO mayo which contains spicy shrimp (these are not for vegans or vegetarians).

While the burgers are tasty, they are also more expensive than their real meat cousins like the Baby Huey beef burger ($17) or even their lamb burger called Rambo ($19); like Wolf Burgers, they come without any side servings.

Not-so-vegan Impossible Chedda with lavish double ketchup sauce at Three Buns (Robertson Quay)

Veganburg: hack their signature burgers with Impossible patty!

This original vegan burger joint has been around since 2010, and all Veganburg‘s burgers are 100% vegan, right down to their sauces (which are also fat- and cholesterol-free). Depending on what you choose – there are plenty of burgers on offer – the patty is either made of mushrooms or plant protein. While they don’t purport to taste like meat, they are in no way bland. The best part is that they’re a lot cheaper (prices from $9.90 to $12.90) than other restaurants serving Impossible or Beyond burgers.

In addition to burgers, they also have hot dogs ($7.90) – in both Rendang and Old School flavours, using tofu hot dogs – as well as BBQ Franks ($5.90).

Best-sellers include the Avocado Beetroot Burger ($11.90) and the Creamy Shrooms Burger ($9.90). In addition, diners can now hack any of their burgers with the Impossible Burger patty!

Veganburg’s large selection of very affordable vegan burgers; hack any of these with the Impossible patty.

While these plant-based meat patties are the rage these days – they’re often sold out fast despite the price tag – there are plenty of other alternatives if you’re looking for yummy vegan burgers. Long-standing vegan restaurants like Real Food and Green Dot also offer up burger options.