Beckham, Hart, Clooney and… and T-Rex?

In an age where we are all numbed by online ads being bombarded onto our screens when we’re surfing Facebook or reading a blog, advertisers have to be crafty in order to get attention. These days, having ads endorsed by nobodys is a surefire way to annoy unsuspecting viewers. But, these clever ad men have indeed risen to the challenge – just this week alone, we’ve seen some pretty interesting (and high budget) ads.

Without further adieu, here are 3 ads that made some headlines recently:


Why did H&M pit Kevin Hart and David Beckham together in an ad? Answer: these two probably have the combined fan base of the entire world. The ad featuring the two on a Vegas road trip is BIG BUDGET – special effects, explosions, and a lot of whining. If you were Beckham, you’d abandon Hart to the vultures.


For once, it seems the Germans do have a sense of humour. The latest ad from Audi features a depressed T-Rex who’s in constant struggle with his tiny arms – cue funny snaps of T-Rex woes like not being able to use an ATM, or flip a pancake. Gotta hashtag it #thestruggleisreal.


George Clooney is back with a new Nespresso ad – this time he gets kidnapped for trying to chat up a mobster’s wife at a Nespresso boutique. (Why is he always getting into trouble with the women?) To be fair, the trailers (there were 2) were a bit more intriguing than the final ad…