Best Keyboard Warriors: Singapore Edition 2017

If you’ve got a Facebook account and don’t really do much with it, except to troll around some Comment sections for some good laughs, then you’ve probably encountered a truck load of Keyboard Warrior Comment gems. Without further ado, here are some of our picks for Keyboard Warrior of the Year posts:

  1. When in doubt, always blame SMRT. No matter what happens.

    Like this person who has a knee-jerk reaction to the SMRT logo:

    Or like this person who equates SMRT with rape scapegoat culture….

    Or this one who wants an MP to resign because MRTs are related to bus deaths:

    Or this one who theorises that paedophelia is the cause of MRT breakdowns:

    Or this person who thinks everything but the MRT is frivolous.

    And of course, this predictable comment:

  2. Money solves all problems:

    Including getting your kids to not earn their money ‘elsewhere’:

  3. Blame any school news on foreign students

    But can’t defend yourself properly…

Oh, what will our precious Keyboard Warriors bring us next? We can’t wait.