Lite On! @ Downtown East @ Downtown East
Nov 16 2020 @ 10:00 am – Mar 21 2021 @ 10:00 pm
Lite On! @ Downtown East @ Downtown East

Downtown East is pulling out all the stops this festive season. Lighting up the festive season is the debut of LITE ON!– an arts programme showcasing four IG-worthy and multi-sensory works which are visually stimulating yet meaningful installations by a collective of local artists and groups. Drawing their inspo from imagined landscapes, existing spaces and everyday things, the artistic mixed-media works are a reflection of the world we live in today.

Artworks include:

“Eat. Play. Shop. Stay” by BOD (top left)
This features printed patterns and shapes in vibrant colours – red, blue, purple, green and yellow. At night, the installation will come alive with the vibrant LED lights.

“Space of Self” by Space Objekt (top right)
Walk through and interact with this geometrical series of arched gateways that represent strength, support, lightness and openness within density. From its daytime chromatic skin, it turns into a brightly-lit tunnel at night, enveloping you with a riot of colours.

“Bubble Play” by Shophouse & Co. (bottom left)
Centred on bubble wrap packages, the installation comprises vibrant colours, tactile surfaces, and visual prompts to create mini pockets of playful experiences. The artwork aims to help us find joy in everyday moments. Pop bubbles on the bubble wraps if you’re stressed!

“Somewhere Out There” by Speak Cryptic (bottom right)
This multi-sensory experience integrates the artist’s original music with triangle shapes that call to mind a mountain top, ancient pyramids, and the gable or peaked roof structure – symbols of progress.

[POSTPONED] First Fleet (March 2021) @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Mar 12 @ 8:00 pm – Mar 21 @ 3:00 pm
[POSTPONED] First Fleet (March 2021) @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
[POSTPONED to March 2021]
First Fleet is an original play by Nelson Chia, inspired by Thomas Keneally’s novel The Playmaker and other materials on the convict transportation to Australia.
Nine Years Theatre and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre jointly present to you First Fleet. The audience will be seated on the stage of the Cultural Centre’s auditorium, as they set sail with the players to explore the relationships between theatre and humanity.

The year is 1787. The First Fleet of the British Empire sets sail for Australia with a group of convicts aboard, to establish a penal colony. Along the way, the Governor instructs one of his lieutenants to rehearse a play with the convicts, with the hope of using the power of theatre to rehabilitate them. But who has ever heard of an officer putting up a play with his convicts? Certainly not the other officers, priest, judge, doctor or the convicts, who all have reservations about such a ridiculous proposition. Will they eventually be able to stage the play successfully? For these officers and convicts, is the foreign land that they are attempting to build a penal colony in, a brave new world or simply a nightmare from hell?