Can’t Buy Me Love: Crazy Gifts

When everything creative or romantic has been done, how do you spoil your partner with a present they will always remember? How do you select a gift for a friend that’s unique and thoughtful? Singaporeans rarely venture out of their comfort zone and love to play it safe. Whether it’s for your homie, lover or best friend, here are some creative (and crazy) gifts you can try to procure or produce – in the lead up to our upcoming issue’s them: crazy.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

If you know of a cat lady, or someone who really loves cats, then this gift may be for them as much as it is for you. It even comes with 6 teeny tiny cat figurines. What’s more, the cat lady action figure is poseable so that it can interact with the cats. This almost life-like figurine even comes complete with crazed eyes to capture the zeitgeist of those cat ladies you see lingering below your block.


Money Soap

Does your significant other enjoy spending too much? Are they an impulse buyer with zero savings? They’ll have quite the time trying to get the monetary prize encased in this bar of soap. I wonder how many showers that will take. This is the classic gift from any prankster to another. This will definitely teach your partner the lesson of deferred gratification.

Chill Pills

Ever heard of the phrase “Just take a chill pill” said to you when you are feeling stressed? Is your partner having a hard time at work or burning the midnight oil for exams coming up? This is the perfect gift for them to take a break and relax. This quirky gift is simple and thoughtful. All you need for this handmade present is an empty jar filled with some of your partner’s favourite candies or chocolate.

Beets Headphones

Does your partner fancy the latest, slickest headphones? Whether your worries are bluetooth connectivity or the taste of the bass, all your worries will be put to rest with these innovation headphones. Not only are they affordable but are easily made with some household items! All you need is a headband and 2 canned food items.

iPad Notepad

Apple has steadily been releasing new and innovative products yearly. As much as their designs are sexy and sleek, they are also prone to damage easily! Save your moolah and go with the original model that is guaranteed not to break. Available in many sizes, colours and patterns or get creative and make your own!

by Tricia Ferdinandt