Cats Showing Up at Vaccination Centres in Singapore is a Thing |

Cat vax CC

The Covid-19 vaccination drive is well under way, with plenty of Community Centres (CC) set up to administer the jabs. However, some of those who showed up for their vax at some CCs in Singapore got some cute surprise visits from some neighbourhood cats.

Ginger kitty at Clementi

When Twitter user waihong (@ohohwaihong) went for his jab on July 11, he saw an adorable ginger cat just chilling on one of the waiting room chairs. He was removed not long after he was spotted, and the seat cleaned by the staff, but that didn’t stop the kitty from finding online fame. The kitty post has already garnered over 26,000 likes.

But this kitty isn’t just your average neighbourhood kitty – known as Clementi Community Centre Cat (4C), he also has his own Instagram account (@ccc__cat) with over 6,000 followers. He’s also photographed dropping in on the vax centre more than once.

Kitty falls asleep at Hougang CC

This gorgeous tabby was spotted waiting – and then falling asleep – while waiting at Hougang CC’s vaccination centre on 23 March. It perched itself on chair 16 in the vaccination booking queue section, and instead of a jab, it got pats on its head instead.

The same cat appear at the same CC again on 28 March – this time the cat was spotted by Facebook user U. Nan in Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats. This time the cat was caught waiting until it fell asleep on one of the seats.

With plenty of friendly neighbourhood cats, and the open-air setting of many vaccination centres, it’s no surprise that these cats would simply hang out there. They’re just an added bonus for those getting vaccinated!

Here’s another random CC cat that showed up at another vaccination centre:

Cats are intelligent creatures — even they understand the paramount need for vaccination against Covid-19. Perhaps they should’ve been ambassadors for the vaccination drive.