CENCOROLL returns with new installment | campus.sg

Uki Atsuya, known for his character designs in Tsuritama and Digimon Adventure tri., created the short anime film CENCOROLL almost entirely on his own. With its wildly imaginative style in its brief runtime, it was released in 2009 to great success.

Ten years later, he is back with CENCOROLL CONNECT, which is combined with its predecessor to form a single film. With carefully constructed visual style, unrestrained animation that is both delicate and brutal, CENCOROLL CONNECT loses none of the freshness that gave the original its impact.

The original animation features music by ryo (supercell), and Japanese voice actors Kana Hanazawa, Hiro Shimono, and Ryohei Kimura.

In CENCOROLL, large, mostly white amorphous creatures have been appearing in a town modelled after Sapporo, Hokkaidō. Tetsu (Shimono) is a high school student who keeps one such shapeshifting creature named Cenco, which he can control via telepathy, though wants to keep it a secret. One day, a girl called Kaname (Hanazawa) who goes to his school learns his secret and a mysterious boy named Shu (Kimura) appears and attacks Cenco, leading to an eruption of unexpected events…

The dual screening of CENCOROLL (2009) and CENCOROLL CONNECT  (2019) opens today, for a limited screening only at Cathay Cineplexes.