Check out SPF’s new limited-edition die cast vehicles! |

If you’re a collector of limited edition stuff, then the Singapore Police Force may be the unlikeliest of places where you can find something that may interest you. Especially if you’re into die-cast miniature vehicles.

Check out the new fleet of six limited edition die-cast Singapore Police Force (SPF) vehicles which are modelled to scale, showcasing SPF’s heritage through the evolution of its hallmark vehicle designs over the past 50 years.

With just 1,000 to 2,500 pieces produced per die-cast, the collection features current and decommissioned models, including the SPF Radio Patrol Car, SPF Fast Response Car, SPF Tactical Vehicle, SPF Mini-Bus, Traffic Police (TP) Expressway Patrol Car, and TP Patrol Motorcycle. The prices range from SGD 80 – 188.

Of special significance is the SPF Radio Patrol Car (1968 – 1982), a model poised to be the key driver of SPF’s vehicular development.

SPF Radio Patrol Car (1968-1982) 1:18 Diecast Collectible

In the 1970s, the Police Radio Division commissioned the iconic Volkswagen Beetle as patrol cars to project police presence in both neighbourhoods and commercial districts. The Radio Patrol Car was also despatched to respond to incidents until it was decommissioned in 1982, paving the way for more modern and efficient vehicles. The rare model remains an integral part of SPF’s history with the last of its kind displayed at the Police Heritage Centre. The 1:18 model retails at SGD 188, while the 1:43 one goes for SGD 80.

You can get your hands on these limited-edition babies by buying them at the Police Heritage Centre (PHC) Souvenir Retail Counter at Police Headquarters or online here.

When you purchase one of these, you’re not only adding to your collection of collectibles, you’ll also be supporting the Singapore Police Force. These items are sold via POLWEL, a co-operative that supports the Singapore Police Force and by contributing to the provision of relevant services and the Police Central Welfare Fund (PCWF).