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So far, 2020 has proven to be disruptive to so many industries – but the situation hasn’t stopped our intrepid musicians from producing new material to remind us all that we’re still here and fighting. Check out some of the latest releases:

Chasing Daylight | You Are The Song

Back after a 2-year hiatus, indie-alt band Chasing Daylight released their brand new single, You Are The Song, on 18 September. The band has worked with Samaritans of Singapore to raise awareness on emotional and mental health, especially in youths. They believe that music can make a difference in helping individuals who are facing crisis by starting empathetic conversations about suicide and depression in Singapore.

Dominic Chin | ALONE

ALONE is the 6th single from Dominic Chin‘s upcoming debut EP, License To Cry, released in August via Singapore indie label Umami Records. It’s a deeply personal soulful song where the singer-songwriter lays bare his struggles with anxiety disorder. It’ll hit a note with anyone who’s ever felt undeserving of a great relationship. “It’s a song to let people who struggle with anxiety issues like me to know that they are not alone,” he clarifies. License To Cry EP is due out on 9 October 2020.

Annette Lee | Song for the Underdog EP

Freshly released today, singer-songwriter Annette Lee second EP, Song For The Underdog which offers up a series of songs to lift the spirits of all who might feel downtrodden. Her previously released singles, Gold and Spring Will Always Come, along with the title track, touch on everyday struggles we all feel, and encourage us to never lose faith. The MV for the last single, Crossroads, will be out on 8 October. “Crossroads is a song about having to step into the unknown, into a new chapter of life, and having faith in the path ahead.”

ShiGGa Shay | 365 EP

Rapper ShiGGa Shay’s 2-track EP 365 dropped on 23 September, along with a ground-breaking Mixed Reality live-streaming experience in which he dons a motion-capture suit, adopting a bespoke digital avatar while transporting his audience to fantastical 360° environments concocted by the digital team at MRGE. It’s the first time he’s performed as a digital persona, in this first-ever virtual live concert of its kind in Southeast Asia.

MICApella | Ice Cream Dynamite Mashup Video

Hot on the heels of 2 of the most catchy English singles of 2020 released by Kpop groups – BTS’ Dynamite and Blackpink’s Ice Cream – local a cappella group MICApella covered both hits in their unique mash-up video earlier in September. The band has pretty much followed through with the retro pop colours of the original MVs.

Dru Chen | Future Me + U

Released in early September, singer/songwriter Dru Chen’s latest single, Future Me + U, is a hopeful prayer from one lover to another. This romantic, soothing slow jam ballad with lo-fi beats envisions an unknown future in which you allow yourself to be completely open and vulnerable. The lyrics “If I gave you forever, what would you do with that?” give you a clue to its hopeful message.

Kim Ooi | Flashback

A newcomer to the music scene, Kim Ooi just released his first single titled Flashback today. Described as a “vocal glitch” EDM track, the inspiration behind the track was simply the boredom from being confined within the four walls of his home, no thanks to the pandemic.