Creative cakes to ogle at during circuit breaker |

creative cakes

With cake bakers being stifled by the current circuit breaker measures, all you can do is ogle at some of their gorgeous and outrageous creations until we can all get our hands on them. When cakes are available again, ordering one of these gorgeous cakes will certainly be a sweet celebration of the end of circuit breaker.

Here are some creative cakes from our local bakers:

Bob the Baker Boy bakes beautiful cakes, but they also have a range of ‘prank’ cakes. Their weirdest is the ‘money pulling’ cake (middle image below), where the recipient gets to pull rolls of actual cash out of the cake (see how it works here).

Bob the Baker Boy

Sarah’s Loft has been making gorgeous cakes for a while now, and the selection of customised cakes range from pretty floral creations to the pastel colour explosion of the Mad Hatter collection.

Sarah’s Loft

Edith Patisserie is another bakery that does fancy cakes by themes – one of their specialties is ombre cake, where the colours gradually fade.

Edith Patisserie

Another local baker, Cupplets, also has intricately-designed cakes – from freestyle art painted on cakes to their signature Oriental collection that showcases some intricate flower designs.


Halal baker Spatula is another source for gorgeous cakes. Macarons are a highlight – not only do they decorate the cakes, they’re also used to create macaron towers!


While we can’t get our hands on Katherine Dey’s weird creations (she’s based in the US), let’s just ogle at her super creative and sometimes creepy (body parts, anyone?) cakes. One that that’s for sure: she’s definitely got talent! Check out her cake version of the Mother of Dragons:

With flour running out at supermarkets across the globe, it can only be speculated that everyone is at home baking their own cakes or breads. Let’s hope some of these cakes have given you some inspiration!