Creative Costumes Inspired by the East and West |

Halloween 2021

Halloween night may feel like a long time ago – it was also a rare time for us to actually celebrate the day being outside our homes – but some of the best-dressed costumes are still making waves in social media.

It’s no surprise that some of the most commonly-seen costumes revolve around one of the most influential drama series on everyone’s watchlist right now: Squid Game. A walk around town during the weekend saw a number of people dressed either in the iconic red overalls or in the green track suits.

Here are other noteworthy costumes that made everyone do a double take this year:

Inspired by the West

One of the most creative costumes this year literally takes the cake! Sam Jo, a journalist-turned-podcaster, created an elaborate costume of a decapitated Marie Antoinette. “Let them eat cake” sure has a different meaning here…

Fast forward to today, we see a costume inspired by another diva. This time, it’s Kim K – more specifically her weird all-black costume she donned at the MET Gala 2021 – as represented by influencer and host, Alec O, in a black zentai suit and stilettos.

Inspired by the East

Some of the most hilarious creations were inspired by Singaporeans.

For a spot of local horror story, Instagram user @limxjoel chose to represent our very own Karen: the Badge Lady! This pose mimics Phoon Chiu Yoke as she walked out of the courthouse in her sunglasses, but without her mask on.

Instagram user @toufagulous emulated his hero, Josephus Tan, whom some may recognise as ‘Gangster Lawyer’. This bad-kid-made-good is a defense lawyer known for his pro bono work, made famous during the infamous Annie Ee case.

Some people were inspired by Chinese myths and legends.

This group was inspired by the infamous Journey to the West, represented by Tang Sanzang and disciples Monkey King Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Wujing. It appeared on Tiktok channel @chewyegghead. The group actually rode around the west – namely the Nanyang Technological University campus on a bus, and even made a stop for vegetarian food.

To top it off the Chinese theme, two fresh grads donned a traditional stone lion statues and paraded around town for 5 hours with their photographer friend Dave Lim.

This year’s Halloween was definitely more fun than last year’s.